About Us- Fort Collins Remodeling Contractor

25 Years Experience in the Remodeling Industry

Everyone has to start somewhere. I get it. But I would be willing to bet that your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project is not the place you would want a rookie contractor to gain their experience.
Small mistakes can add huge headaches to the kitchen and bathroom remodel process costing time and money. And neither one of us has time or money to be throwing away.
We may not have a crystal ball, but we can see into the future of your kitchen or bathroom renovation and spot problems before they happen. Identifying problem areas and challenges to the project are a key feature of working with Fort Collins Home Improvement. Because of the endless bathrooms and kitchens we have remodeled, we can visualize the project from beginning to end, form a plan and execute that plan flawlessly.
When selecting a kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor, you want experience.
Well, you found it.

An Owner Operated Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

So I suppose now would be a great time to introduce myself. My name is Chris Futch. I am 43 years old and have been on the job since I was 14. So I actually have more than 25 years of experience. But I only count my adult years. Although, my teen years were probably the most important. Those are the years that my core values were instilled in me by my mentors.
Core values such as:

  • Be where you say you will be when you say you will be there
  • I mean, this one is timeless. It was the same 30 years ago as today. We can’t operate a well oiled machine without all of the parts.

  • Respecting other peoples homes and minding my business
  • Listening to your customer and meeting THEIR needs, not yours
  • Following through with a task to completion
  • Its the little things that make the project complete. And I realize that. That is why I pay close attention to detail and complete every project to a ready to use condition before leaving. I will not jump from job to job leaving to do list all over town. It’s just not my style.

  • Not covering up or hiding mistakes but rather owning them and correcting them
  • My Uncle Tim was the first to ever take me on a jobsite. They paid me $3 an hour. At 14, this was big money. I was so worried about messing something up.
    Uncle Tim told me one of the most valuable things I think I ever learned in my work and life. He said to me, “Anyone that says they don’t make mistakes is a liar and needs to be fired. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s about owning up to it and correcting it that is important. When you own it and YOU fix it, it shows that you learned from it. And that is most important. People respect that. When you get called out on something, don’t hide from it, own it”.

Unlike many of the local kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors in town, we are an owner operated company. This means that we do not hire subcontractors to complete the project. We do the work all in-house. There are some exceptions to this such as stone countertops and glass.
In other words, you will not have different workers coming in and out every day. And you need not worry if a disgruntled employee will do shoddy work. The owner is either on every project doing the work or is there daily inspecting the work.
You can rest assured that we know our reputation depends on the quality completion of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. And that the future of our business depends on our reputation. We take this very serious.