About Fort Collins Home Improvement

Like many here in Fort Collins, Chris Futch is a transplant to this fine city. Brought here to work on the student housing at CSU then to the new CSU Ram’s Stadium, he decided to make Fort Collins home for him and his family.

Chris Futch -Owner of Fort Collins Home Improvement

Chris, Hunter and Bolt
fishing the Poudre River

Once the stadium was complete, a demand for high quality services was immediately evident to Chris. Through the contacts he made at the CSU Ram’s Stadium and CSU’s Aggie Village, the work just began to pour in. Chris decided to start his own sole proprietorship business to better serve the fine people in Fort Collins, CO and the surrounding areas.

Chris has 25+ years experience in the Home and Bathroom Remodeling Industry.

It started when he was a young teen working for his uncles at their home remodeling business more than 25 years ago. Starting at the bottom of the totem pole, Chris was able to learn every aspect of the business while gaining hands on experience. Something that his Uncle’s were always adamant about was respecting your customers space and home. This basic principle stuck deep with Chris and he feels it is one of the most valuable traits his company has.

I spent a day working with Chris to gain some insight for this writing and let me tell you, the pace was neck-breaking. I was simply amazed at how much could be accomplished when things were well planned and properly executed. It seemed that he was always thinking 3 steps ahead and went to great lengths to avoid future problems for him in his work. Unlike many other craftsmen that I have watched work, there were no random swear words or signs of frustration, rather there were a ton of “Right On’s” and “Perfect”. It seemed that Chris loved being elbow deep in his work and you could see the satisfaction on his face as he completed different steps in the Shower Pan Installation process. It is easy to see that he loves what he does.

I asked Chris a few questions to better understand his company and focus. I have outlined some of his answers here that I feel like best described his drive.

Question: What do you think sets Fort Collins Home Improvement apart from the other Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Fort Collins Co?

Chris’s Answer: Well, when I finished up at the stadium, I knew I wanted my Son to finish his teenage years in such a accepting city so I decided to find a job with a premier contractor to do bathroom renovations. I quickly found a high paying job with what I was told was a well known and respected contractor. I was appalled at the way he treated his customers. He treated them as if they didn’t matter. He was receiving phone calls all day from potential new customers so he acted like the customers he already had were not important. He was cutting corners and charging ridiculously high prices and requiring people to pay for their projects in advance which meant there was no motivation to finish the project in a timely manner or to acceptable standards.
I sure didn’t last long at that company. I was constantly sent from job-site to job-site and not allowed time to complete anything anywhere. It was so disorganized. The customers were always angry because they had been neglected and I did not like feeling that the customers were not being treated fairly. I didn’t want to have any part in that type of organization.
That is not how I operate. I do not take several different Bathroom Remodeling Jobs at one time and I do not require full payment in advance. We focus on each project until it is complete and we treat every customer like they are the only one we have.

Question: What do you enjoy most about your work?

Chris’s Answer: Honestly, I like to impress people with my work. I really like the see the excitement and relief that people express when their bathroom remodeling projects are complete with no hassle and professional results.
People hear horror stories from their friends and neighbors all the time when they begin to discuss their bathroom renovation project ideas. Whether it is at the big box stores or a company found on craigslist, it is hard to find a tile contractor that is dependable, knowledgeable, respectful and straightforward. And it takes all of these qualities to be a good bathroom remodeler. A simple bathroom transformation can turn into a nightmare with the wrong person on the job. I see it all of the time, poor workmanship, lackadaisical attitude and drama.
Yeah, definitely -impressing people is what I enjoy most about my job.

Question: What is the process that Fort Collins Home Improvement uses to plan a new Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Chris’s Answer: First we go out and meet with the customer in their home at whatever time works best for them. We get an understanding of what it is they are looking for in their Bathroom Remodeling Project. We listen, it is the best way to learn.
Once I understand what it is the customer envisions, I explore the framing, sub-flooring, drains and stuff like that to see if their vision is possible in the space they have. Once I have established that, I take measurements and give the customer a quote on tne spot for labor and installation materials.
Everyone has different taste, and I know when I am out of my element. So that is why I recently reached out to Florida Tile to see what help they could offer. They have designers that will work with my customers on an appointment basis where they will explore all of the different options and colors.
I really like Florida Tile, they have been around since the 50’s and they have every style and color tile available. It is so much easier than dealing with the big box stores. You can tell they are knowledgeable about the product and you can find something that fits just your style. The selection is so much better and more consistent than the big box stores.
But that’s not to say that I will not install tile from the big box stores. It really doesn’t matter to us where you purchase your tile. I just prefer dealing with a Tile Retailer like Florida Tile.
So once we figure out what tile we are going to use, we go pick it up and get started on whatever day the customer schedules. I mean, it really is quite easy.

Question: What type of warranty to you offer?

Chris’s Answer: I warranty my craftsmanship for the rest of your life. If a customer has any problem with the quality of any of the work I do, I will gladly repair or replace it. I will also help the customer with any warranty issues they have with the materials. We install all of our materials to the manufacturers specifications to ensure they will honor their warranties as well. After all, I am depending on my materials just as much as my customers are.

Question: Is there anything else you would like for people in Fort Collins to know if they are thinking of hiring you for their bathroom remodeling project?

Chris’s Answer: Just that I will appreciate their business and work hard to create their vision and earn a referral to their friends or neighbors.
I enjoy being a part of the local community and the local economy, and I plan to be around for a long time.