About our Process

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

First Contact

It all starts with our first contact where we get basic information from you like:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Appointment Date and Time

Ways to Contact Fort Collins Home Improvement

You can either give us a Call or send us a Text at (970) 829-1297.

You may also send us an email chris@fortcollinshomeimprovement.com

What to Expect at our First Bathroom Remodeling Appointment

First of all, expect us to show up on time. Unlike many Bathroom Remodeling Contractors, we are punctual. We are not the cable guy, so we do not give you a 3 hour window to expect us in. Instead, we set a time that works great for you and we send you a text 15 minutes prior to our arrival so you know we are coming

When we arrive we will first listen to what ideas you have for your new bathroom remodeling project. We can offer suggestions that compliment your ideas, but this is your project and we listen to make sure you get what it is you are looking for out of your project.

After getting a good understanding of your needs, we will then look at the existing bathroom to determine what obstacles lie ahead in the completion of your concept. By Identifying these obstacles ahead of time we eliminate the possibilities of surprises along the way or excessive additional charges on your final invoice. With nearly 30 years of experience, these obstacles can typically be identified before any work is done.

Our Bathroom Remodel Quoting Process

After our initial meeting to discuss and look at your bathroom remodeling project, we will then begin the process of putting together a quote for the Labor and construction materials together.

  • Construction materials consist of wallboard, mortar, wood, waterproofing membrane and other related materials that are required to install the finish materials.
  • Finish materials consist of Tile, Grout, toilet, Bathtub, Vanities and sinks etc.

We only include finish materials in our quotes if specifically requested. The reason we do not typically include the cost of finish materials is because many times our customers haven’t quite decided on exactly which tile, grout, bathtub, glass doors or other fixtures they would like to use. We usually must wait for the design process before we can know for sure which finish materials will be used and we then apply those cost to the quote. Or, in cases where the customer chooses to go out and search for their own finish materials, then we leave the cost responsibility of those items with the customer.

As far as construction materials and labor rates go, we quote these prices based on predetermined square footage rates. We don’t size you up and figure how much we can milk you for, our prices are predetermined and set in stone. We have no room for negotiation, our prices are the minimum requirement needed to perform each service. Most construction materials are included in our Square Foot installation prices. You will find our rates to be significantly lower than our competitors and specifically detailed as line items in our quote. We don’t just throw a big round number at you like some companies may do, we detail where every dollar is to be spent.

In most cases (don’t hold me to it though) we can develop a quote for you that will be delivered to your email the following day after our initial appointment for meeting. We don’t always get everything covered on the first round of quoting. Perhaps you remember something that you would like to have done after we have left and want to add it into the quote. Or perhaps you have found our initial quote to be so affordable that you decide to add additional services. Either way and for any reason, we are happy to modify the quote at any time -even in the middle of the project. We are extremely flexible and can make modifications or adjustments on the spot.

Scheduling your Bathroom Remodel Project

Like we previously mentioned, we do not leave much room in our quotes for error. We run a tight ship and so our schedule must have stability.

A deposit secures your time on our schedule. These deposits are non-refundable except in extreme situations which will be determined on a case by case basis.

Once you have received a written quote from us, you may then reach out to request scheduling. We will let you know how long we believe the Bathroom remodeling project will take and will let you know of our available time slots to complete your project. Once we have worked out a suitable time frame, you may then submit your deposit either by Check, Credit Card or Venmo.

Once you have submitted your deposit, your time is secured on our schedule. You may request a change in the scheduled time and we will do our best to accommodate those request by offering up our availability. But we strongly discourage this as it can cause havoc in our time allotment. But we understand that unforeseen circumstances can make the time originally agreed upon impossible to follow through with and will do our best to work through those issues when they arise.

Deposits can range in amount from:

  • 50% of quote for labor only
  • 66% of quote for when you agree to purchase “Finish Materials”
  • 75% of quote when we provide all materials

Bathroom Remodeling Design Service

We would love to help you design your new bathroom.

Using the latest software, we can create a 3 dimensional model of what your bathroom will look like. We can help you select paint colors and countertops as well as tile and other surfaces and we can add these colors and surfaces to the model of your bathroom design.

We will give you pictures, a video slide show and a 3D program model which can allow you to see your bathroom from all angles.

Upon completion, this model will belong to you and you may use it however you would like.