Free Bathroom Design Services for our Fort Collins Clients

Are you looking for Professional  Bathroom Design services in Fort Collins Colorado? How would you like a free bathroom design model and a free quote to go along with it all brought to you by the person who will actually do the installation? 
How about if I told you that it would only take about 30 minutes of your time with no strings attached.
Sounds too good to be true right?

Free Bathroom Design Services in Fort Collins Colorado
Free Bathroom Design Services in Fort Collins Colorado
Bathroom Design in Fort Collins Colorado
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Perhaps you have already consulted with another local designer or contractor and have been less than impressed with their suggestions or pricing. Or maybe you just can’t quite visualize how the look that you want for your bathroom will come together in your space. If this is the case, our services are just perfect for you. 
There is no need to pay high prices to frilly designers that have no field experience when it comes to implementing their horrendous designs. We understand what works well in a space with a little sprinkle of Fung Shui that is sure to please your senses while still appealing to your style.
Timeless. That is the word we strive to define. We want to create a look for you that is as fashionable and desirable in 10 years as it is today. Over 30 years in the industry, Trisha and I have seen many fancy-schmancy styles come an go, but we also have seen some that have transcended the years.
In those years of working with very high priced designers that twisted our arms to install their abhorrent designs, we have seen the customers reactions to their wretched colors and busy lines. It is quite deflating to build something perfectly ugly.
The solution: Design it and build it for the customer with my own hands.
Over the years I have worked with several different CAD programs to layout and fabricate various materials. This has given me a particular skill-set of understanding how certain tools in modern design software work. What this has done is made me incredibly efficient with today’s plethora of modeling software.
The fact that I can so quickly create these models allows me to offer it to you free of charge.It helps you to visualize the quote that I send with it.
But what if you don’t like the quote, but you like the design? No worries, I reserve no rights to the model once I send it to you and you are welcome to find a less qualified contractor and have them use our design.
But I assure you, our installation prices are the best in town. And our quality is second to none using time tested techniques that are sure to last for decades.

Some Recent 3D Bathroom Design Animated Models

What is Needed For Your Free Bathroom Design

It is quite simple in fact.
First, Contact Us and schedule an appointment. We will need to come out and measure the bathroom space.
Prior to the scheduled appointment, email me at to send me some pictures of some styles you have found online, or link me to any materials you have found that you would like to implement in the project. This will give me a sense of what look you are going for.
After these 2 steps have been complete I will come out to your home at our appointed time and consult with you on how we can make it work. This process typically takes 15-45 minutes. At our appointment, I will answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have.
Once the appointment is complete and I have actual field measurements in hand, I get to work on modeling your bathroom design implementing the materials you have requested using.This process usually takes about 2-3 days , keep in mind that I am in the field installing during the day. This allows me to only work on design, modeling and quoting in the evening and wee hours of the morning. But still, a 2-3 day turn-around ain’t bad.
In this model, everything will be in scale to the exact dimensions of the materials. What this means, is that we can see exactly how everything will fit and work together.
When the model has been completed, I will submit it to you by email along with a quote to install everything as detailed in the animation. 
Is that the end?
No, I will revise the model to change colors, textures or the entire layout to better suit your needs.
But I will not do any ugly designs.

So what are you waiting for? Get the ball rolling today. Fill out the form below and we will call you to schedule an appointment.