Custom Wall Niche for holding soaps and shampoos in a Walk-In Shower

For the Love of Bathroom Remodeling

Love what you do and you never work a day in your life.
I hate to toot my own horn (not true) but I am a highly skilled craftsman. There isn’t anything in the remodeling industry that I am not experienced in. I would be a great asset to one of the larger local companies specializing in remodeling. But I don’t want to.
Why you ask? Is it money…no I am by far not getting rich remodeling bathrooms. Is it time…? No, I would have more time if I just worked a 40 hr job and collected a steady paycheck.
Its because I love what I do. I love creating comfortable spaces that I know people will use every day and all day.

Nothing is overlooked in a Bathroom Remodel

Since I was a child, I have been told I was a perfectionist. I always felt that my work wasn’t quite making the mark. Like an artist that wants every detail to be perfect. In my opinion, there is no way to hide mistakes in a bathroom remodel.
Why you may ask… well every time you sit on the crapper, you will be looking around at my work. And my goal is to make sure you find nothing wrong and simply spend your ritual admiring my work.
Yes, I just said I want you to think about me when you are cutting a deuce.

A lasting Impression

Sometimes I ponder whether my customers even remember my name. I guess some contractors don’t have that to worry about. With all of the litigation they go through I am sure they know they are remembered.
You know what they say, no news is good news.
And I guess that is a good thing. It’s not like my bathroom remodeling customers were hiring a rent-a-buddy. They weren’t looking for a lifelong friend when they hired me. They were looking for a professional to remodel their bathroom. And by the grace of the flying spaghetti monster, they found me.

A Bathroom Remodeling Artist

I am not a bathroom remodeling contractor. I am an artist.
I take a “crappy” space and turn it into an Oasis. Hell, sometimes I’m a magician. Some of the things I pull off impress even me.
Like that niche I put in what’s-his-face bathroom that the other jabroneee contractor said wasn’t possible. Or the $8,500 bathroom remodel I did for that nice lady south of town that the big shot contractor quoted her $16,000.
I make it happen.

Selective Bathroom Remodeler

I have to be honest, I am very selective of the customers I take on.
My preferred customer is the middle class blue collar family. They know value when they see it.
I can’t stand wealthy uppity people. So if you suspect you may fall in this category, don’t waste either of our time. You are more worried about competing with your neighbors than having a quality bathroom remodel done at a fair price.
But, if you are the family living in a home that you have poured every bit of your blood, sweat and tears into your mortgage to try to make a better life for you and your family -then I am your guy. I want to be your Remodeling Contractor. I will put my all in your bathroom and give you something you will appreciate for years to come.
If you can relate, don’t hesitate to contact me for a free quote.

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