Bathtub Glazing and Resurfacing Service in Fort Collins Colorado

What is Bathtub Resurfacing?

Bathtub resurfacing is also referred to as Bathtub Refinishing, Bathtub Re-Glazing , or Bathtub Re-Enameling is the process of restoring the surface of your bathtub to like new condition.

There are many methods in which bathtubs can be resurfaced. There are several different product manufacturers that supply products to the resurfacing industry.

At Fort Collins Home Improvement, we use the methods and products recommended by Mid-West Chemicals Porcelain Coatings Division. As a leader in the industry, Midwest Chemicals Coatings have been stolen and reversed engineered by their competitors to be re-branded as an alternative product. But the others never quite get it right.

Midwest Chemical Coatings have a long standing industry reputation for durability, color retention and finish. This gives us at Fort Collins Home Improvement confidence to back our workmanship with a 5 year no questions asked warranty on all of our residential single family fixture refinishing projects.

Bathtub resurfacing in Fort Collins Colorado

We resurface bathtubs in Fort Collins Colorado. We offer a 5 year warranty on all single family residential resurfaced bathtubs

Don’t replace it – Refinish it!

When you need a cost effective solution to updating tubs, showers, tile surrounds, cabinets, sinks, countertops or appliances, turn to Fort Collins Home Improvement. We are a full-service refinishing company based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Why Resurface instead of Replace?

  • Cost effective – Save up to 80% versus replacing
  • Fast Turn-Around – Your Bath Tub will be ready to use in 24 hrs
  • Low Maintenance and Zero Worries – With a 5 year no questions asked warranty* you can’t go wrong

*5 year warranty applicable only to Residential Single Family Locations – Multi-Family Warranty is 13 month. Ask about bulk pricing!