Curbless Walk-In Showers Custom Made Onsite in Fort Collins Colorado

To Curb or not to Curb.
When planning a bathroom remodeling project with a walk-in shower you may be interested in designing a Curbless Shower Pan.
A curbless Shower Pan makes the shower a safer alternative for those in wheelchairs or for those that do not want the hazard of a step at the entrance to their shower.

At Fort Collins Home Improvement, we can create a custom Curbless or Curbed Shower pan to suit your needs.
We use a PVC liner along with a dry pack sand cement mix and Weeping Drain to ensure a solid and leak-free pan that will last for decades.

Lets Take a look at how we accomplish this.
(The following project took 8 days from Commencement to Completion -References Available Upon Request)

Curbless Shower Pan

Our first step is to lower the floor under the shower pan to create a space for our Dry Pack Sand Mix which is 3 inches deep around the edges and slopes to 2 inches deep around the drain.

Curbless Shower Pan in Fort Collins Colorado

We removed the existing Sub-floor, notched the joist and scabbed 2×6″ lumber to the joist for added support.

In order to lower the floor, we must remove the existing sub-flooring and notch the floor joist. When the joist are notched, they lose some of their structural integrity. To compensate for this loss, we ‘scab’ or attach 2×6 lumber to the joist doubling their strength. Different situations require different approaches, no two will be the same.

PVC Shower Liner in Fort Collins Colorado

A PVC Shower liner is layed into the niche to ensure no water penetration into the homes framing and walls

Once we have lowered the floor, it is time to lay the PVC liner. The liner is laid into the niche and extended up the walls for several inches effectively creating a rubber lined pond in your shower. The drain is set with holes in the side that will allow any water that makes it through the tile’s grouted areas to easily flow into the drain.

Weeping Shower Drain Fort Collins Colorado

A weeping style drain is used so that any water that finds it’s way below the tiles is allowed to weep into the drain instead of collecting and leaking into the walls or framing.

After the liner and drain are set, the next step is to create the dry-pack pan for the tile to set on. We freehand the slope of the pan. For those that are less experienced, wedges can be used to create the slope.

Dry Pack Shower Pan in Fort Collins Colorado

Using Sand/Topping mix, we create a dry-pack shower pan with a slight slope towards the drain

The Dry-Pack itself is not water-proof. Like all cementitious materials, dry-pack sand mix will sponge water when it is introduced. So we must apply a waterproofing membrane as an extra layer of protection against shower pan leakage.

Waterproofing Membrane Applied to Dry-Pack Shower Pan

Using Redgaurd Waterproofing Membrane, we apply an added layer of protection to the Curbless Shower pan

Now that we have established a waterproof base for the tile to set on, we are ready to set the shower floor tile.

Pebble Shower Floor in Fort Collins Colorado

The Curbless Shower pan is now waterproofed and the pebble floor has been set

In this Bathroom Remodeling Project, our customer requested a place to set their Soaps and Shampoos. So we designed some corner shelves using the tile the customer desired.

Tile Corner Shelves in Bathroom Remodeling Project

We have made waterproof corner Shelves to set soaps and shampoos on.

Corner Shelves with Tile Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling

The border tile finishes the Corner Shelves nicely in this Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling Project

Finished Bathroom Remodel in Fort Collins Colorado

Now lets finish the shower and the Bathroom Floor Tile.

We used a 24×12 a 12×12 a 3×12 accent border and 6×6 matched Travertine style tile all “Brick-layed” where the grout lines are staggered, to create this Walk-In Curbless Shower in Fort Collins Colorado.

Wall tiles set in a Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling Project

We used a 24″x12″ tile from the floor to 4 foot high, then a 12″x12″ row. Next we set a accent row and then a 6″x6″ tile to continue to the ceiling.
Using these matched tiles in different sizes all “brick-layed” where the grout lines are staggered adds depth and distinction.

Now we need to get that old 90’s linoleum floor out and put down some concrete backer board. A one quarter inch thick concrete backer board is used due to the fact that it expands and contracts at the same rate as the floor tile will and this coupling will prevent cracks or loosening of the tiles in the future. Some installers will skip this step, but we consider it imperative.

Old Linoleum Removal in Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel

We remove the Linoleum and 1/4″ underlayment

Tile Backer Board

A 1/4″ Concrete backer board is installed

Here are some Photos of the finished shower and Floor Tile

Travertine Style Floor Tile in Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling Project

12×24 Travertine Style Floor tile

Finished Corner Shelves in Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling Project

Finished Corner Shelves

Curbless Shower in Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling Project

A Curbless Transition into the shower

Travertine Brick Layed Tile

A Gorgeous Travertine Brick lay

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