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There are many elements involved when considering a Drywall Repair. You must select the proper material for the Job or your Sheetrock Repair will likely fail and cause major problems in the long run. In this post, we will explore some of the many modern products that we can use to ensure your Drywall will last for a lifetime.

Selecting Material For Drywall Repair

Sheetrock and Drywall are the same thing. But there are several different products to choose from, and each is intended for a specific use. In this article we will cover the following products and define their respective uses:

  • 1/4 inch Drywall
  • 1/2 inch Drywall
  • Firecode Core Drywall
  • Moisture Resistant Drywall
  • Light Rock
  • Durock
  • Backer Board

We will also cover the uses for the many types of finishing compounds that are needed to finish the drywall:

  • All Purpose Joint Compound
  • Lightweight Topping Compound
  • 5 min, 20 min, 90 min setting compound

  • Different Drywall Boards for Different Applications

    1/4 Inch Drywall

    1/4 inch drywall uses

    1/4 inch Drywall is most commonly used in Manufactured Home Construction

    1/4 Inch Drywall: Is very light and flexible. It is not ideal for use in normal applications. Its primary use is on curved walls due to the fact that it is easy to bend. It is also ideal to use when weight is a concern as it is half the weight of typical drywall and makes it the ideal product for manufactured homes and mobile homes.

    1/2 Inch Drywall

    1/2 inch drywall uses

    1/2 inch Drywall is the most commonly used in residential remodel and construction

    1/2 Inch Drywall : This is the most commonly used Drywall in Residential Remodels and Construction. It is a durable product but very heavy.

    5/8 Inch Fire Code Drywall

    Fire Rated Drywall

    5/8 Fire rated drywall is made to obstruct fire from spreading

    5/8 inch Fire Code Core Drywall: This product is typically used in commercial or multi-family construction as it is rated to withstand fire penetration for up to one hour. It is commonly used ase a “firewall” between two residences in a duplex or apartment building. This is so if a fire breaks out in your neighbors apartment, the Fire Code rated drywall will (in theory) obstruct the fire from spreading into your residence.

    Moisture Resistant Drywall

    Moisture Resistant Drywall

    Moisture resistant Drywall is used in areas that are highly susceptible to moisture and it resist mold

    Moisture Resistant Drywall: Moisture resistant drywall is typically used in bathrooms where moisture tends to accumulate. It naturally resist moisture and mold/mildew. It is also commonly used behind wall tile installations.

    Light Drywall

    Light Drywall

    Light Sheetrock is typically used on ceilings as it is much lighter and easier to lift.

    Light Sheetrock: Light Sheetrock is much “lighter” than standard sheetrock which makes it ideal for ceiling installations as it is easier to carry and lift. Due to its lighter weight, it also is less likely to “pop” which is where the screws come loose and the drywall falls.

    Durock and Backer Board


    Durock and Backer Boards are made from concrete and are used as a surface to install tile

    Durock and Backer Board are wallboards used as a substrate to install tile on. It is made of cementitious and fiber materials and is highly resistant to damage from moisture. It also makes an idela surface for tile applications due to the fact that it expands and contracts at a similar rate to tiles.

    Selecting the Right Drywall Muds and Finishing Compounds

    Selecting the proper finishing compounds can make a huge difference in the amount of work you will have to do and the longevity of the finished drywall.

    All Purpose Joint Compound

    All Purpose Sheetrock Compound

    All purpose compound is used with drywall tape to fill the seams between the drywall boards

    All Purpose Joint Compound is used to fill the joints between the pieces of drywall board. It is used in conjunction with Drywall Tape to make a solid joint that will resist cracking. It is also used in many spray and hand applied textures such as orange peel, knock-down and crows foot.

    Topping Compound

    Lightweight Topping Compound

    Lightweight Topping Compound is used to apply the final coats. It shrinks less and is easier to sand.

    Lightweight Topping Compound is used for the final 2 coats of drywall mud to be applied to finish the drywall repair. It is stronger than all purpose compound, has less shrinkage and easier to sand.

    Setting Type Compound

    Setting Type Compound

    Setting Type Compound sets quickly for multiple coats in short time periods

    Setting type compound ‘sets’ very fast so it is used in situations where multiple coats need to be applied in a short period of time. It should be noted that setting type compound does not ‘dry’ quickly. It remains moist and is unable to be sanded almost as long as typical compound. But it does set and become hard quickly for multiple coats. You can avoid waiting for it to dry before sanding by using the wet sanding method with a damp sponge.

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