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A Guide To Kitchen Countertops: Which Material Is The Right Choice

Choosing the right kitchen countertops can have a big impact on your kitchen’s aesthetic appearance. But, with so many options available when it comes to replacing your kitchen countertops, it can be hard to sift through the available options. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to install some new kitchen countertops, here are some of the most popular options and how they stack up against one another.


Quartz is one of the most popular options for kitchen countertops because of its dazzling beauty. Quartz also happens to be trending right now, making it the perfect stylistic addition to your home. It does, however, possess a lower level of durability than other materials, and can be vulnerable to heat, chipping, and cracking.

But, it is non-porous so it’s great at resisting all the common kitchen spills like wine, juice, coffee, oil, and more. The quartz countertop cost can be a bit pricey unless you’re able to find a good deal on quality quartz.


Marble is another material that ranks pretty highly on the aesthetic beauty scale. It’s natural swirling patterns are renowned as some of the most beautiful out there. Marble is porous, though, which means it needs to be sealed correctly if it’s going to stand up against spills and other damage. It’s also not known for being the most durable material.


Granite countertops are a wildly popular material that can be found in countless homes across America. It’s known for being incredibly durable when faced with heat but requires sealing and still will not resist stains very well, even with a good seal. Quartz is the more durable material, comparatively.

Solid Surface

Solid surface is a rather inexpensive and versatile option. It can come in any color or pattern you want but isn’t all that durable if exposed to excessive heat, stains, or hard impacts. Scratches and cuts are easy to buff out, but dents are harder to remedy.

Wood/Butcher Block

Wood kitchen countertops are some of the most desirable and functional you’ll find. Not only are they relatively inexpensive to install, they also look great, with some homeowners even preferring their aesthetic beauty over quartz. Although they will require special sealant, finish, and varnish, they can stand up well against typical kitchen abuse.

Scratches and scraped can be buffed out, and regular re-sealing will need to be done. If you aren’t worried about the maintenance level, wood kitchen countertops can add an earthy, natural element to your kitchen.

Your Ideal Countertops Should Match the Qualities You’re Looking For

The best countertops for your kitchen will depend on a variety of factors. Whether you’re looking for aesthetic beauty, durability, or something in between, you’ll want to consider each of the materials we’ve covered here before you make your decision. Granite, solid surface, marble, wood, or quartz are some of the hottest options for you right now. If you choose wisely, you’ll be able to use and enjoy your new kitchen countertops for the foreseeable future.

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