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How Bathroom Remodeling Projects Can Affect the Value of Your Home

Simple Bathroom Remodel

Maintenance and repairs are essential for maintaining your home’s value. But many homeowners and investors know that remodeling part of the home can increase the property’s value.

Remodeling a bathroom will certainly add more value to any home. It’s hard to argue with this line of thought. That said, not all bathroom remodeling projects are equal.

Bathrooms need to be functional while trying to add points for style as well. When selling your home, bathrooms can shift the buyers’ perception of the property’s overall value.

In the following sections, Onsite Property Management of Fort Collins takes a closer look at the various bathroom remodeling projects that could raise the value of your home.

Wait, what’s the difference between bathroom remodeling and renovation?
People mix up these terms all the time. Remodeling your bathroom means changing its appearance. Renovation calls for repairing or updating the bathroom.

The latter is usually less drastic when updating the room. Remodeling, though, could be understood as a form of renovation. In this article, we’ll interpret remodeling in a loose way.

Basics of remodeling the bathroom

Basic Bathroom Remodel
Is your bathroom outdated? The remodeling can take place within the current space. Before you start thinking about the next steps, it’s vital to ensure everything is working as it should. Cosmetic changes will come last.

For example, damaged plumbing and tiny leaks need to be taken care of before you do any other upgrades. This is important for budgeting and lowering the risk of ruining any newly installed items.

If you are sure that everything is in order, it’s time to decide what kind of remodeling you exactly want. Some people start by repainting everything. This sounds simple, yet it can make a huge difference in the perceived value. Another cosmetic approach is to replace the lights with new ones. You might even opt for LED lights that provide better efficiency and need replacement less frequently.

Vinyl flooring could be replaced by tile. You’ll get a much more luxurious feeling when entering the bathroom. Also, when you originally have less expensive fixtures, you can use a vanity countertop and sink.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at the various remodeling options.

Bath panels

How about switching a plain old bath panel into a more sophisticated one made out of wood? There are many styles out there such as dark walnut, lightly painted redwood, heritage oak, and many more to choose from.

The important part is to make the panel match with the general design scheme. You wouldn’t want the new panel to look out of place. Also, you could swap real wood for an imitation one for a more durable and cheaper option.


This could really change the bathroom’s look. And even some of the exceptionally good looking styles could actually be affordable. For example, cheaper ceramics and porcelain materials can be made to look like classic stone or wood.

Still, you get the durability and waterproof properties of the original materials. If your home is in a region experiencing colder weather, you could install heat-radiating mats under the flooring. These electric mats produce heat that soothes anyone after taking a hot shower during the wintertime.


Bathroom Lighting Remodeling

Lighting is more important than you think. You can create a romantic atmosphere or a chic look just by playing around with some smart LED fittings.

Illuminated mirrors are another way to boost the bathroom’s appeal. All the light fittings for bathroom use come with a rating that shows the calculated safe proximity to water. This way, you can be sure that no shining statement light will become a hazard.

Products and towels

Usually, people don’t think bath products or soft towels when talking about bathroom remodeling. Keep in mind that once you have completed the hard part, there are still the smaller and finer details you can add for upgrading the experience.

Buy a new set of high-end towels that are absorbent, silky, and soft. Also, purchase top of the class bath products that carry the sense of serious spa luxury.


New Vanity in Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel
A modern style floating vanity

Any updates to the vanity call for a higher budget. But it’s worth it because adding a luxurious touch to the bathroom raises the home’s perceived value. It’s better to upgrade the vanity as a single project.

This way, you can ensure that countertops, faucet, and sink form a unified design. When you are making a bigger bathroom revamp, try to fit all the individual vanity pieces into the wider design scheme. This includes complementary colors, patterns, and materials.

Walk-in shower

Walk-in showers are getting more popular lately. In the master bathroom, you could replace the old bathtub with a nice walk-in shower. Let’s face nobody soaks in the tub every day.

It’s still smart though to leave the tubs alone in the other bathrooms. Replacing all the tubs with showers could actually make your home lose some value. You can’t have the experience of an occasional soak in a proper tub when there are only showers in the house.

Bathroom remodeling can easily raise the value of your home. Smart solutions and small touches won’t break your bank. But they will boost the quality of life for anyone living inside or interested in buying the property.

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