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Design Features To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

You have decided to Remodel your Bathroom. It is old, outdated and just doesn’t work for you any longer. You want to get the most out of your space without it becoming cluttered but you are not sure which features are available to you and how they should work with your bathroom design.  
In this post, we will explore many different bathroom design features to empower you when deciding which bells and whistles you want included in  your bathroom remodeling projects.

Bathroom Design in Fort Collins Colorado

Shower Base Versus Shower Pans

Shower Base

We give free quotes and design models out nearly every day and the most common request we get is to convert a bathtub area to a walk-in shower in our customers master bathrooms. Usually, the bathtub just sits there collecting dust and taking up space where there could be a huge walk-in shower. Some of our customers do their homework before inviting us over for their free quote and what they find is that the shower bases they are looking up at the popular big box websites do not quite fit the space they have and frankly, they are ugly.
Shower base typically refers to a pre-made fiberglass or acrylic floor for your walk-in shower
Shower base typically refers to a pre-made fiberglass or acrylic floor for your walk-in shower
These pre-made fiberglass and acrylic floors for your shower are typically referred to as a shower base. Fiberglass and acrylic shower bases are a quick, affordable and easy option for a walk-in shower. A person needs little to no experience to be able to install them correctly. But the downside is they wear fast and become discolored easily. And shower bases just do not have that custom design appeal most people are looking for. But many times, people settle for a fiberglass base because that is all that their contractor offers or the cost of a custom shower pan seems daunting.

Custom Shower Pans

The other option for creating a bathroom remodel project you will love is to have a custom shower pan installed.
A custom shower pan is formed with a cement mix called sand mix topping. A pre-slope is formed on the subfloor then a PVC liner is placed over the initial sloping. Then, another final slope is formed over the top of the PVC liner sandwiching the liner between the two layers of cement. Sometimes people refer to this as a ‘poured pan” but nothing could be further from the truth. If the cement is the consitency that it can be poured, gravity will simply level it out and there will be no slope to the drain.  Dry-pack shower pans are packed in to place. The cement mix is made to the consistency of a snowball and packed into place to form the slope towards the drain. 
A key feature of a custom dry pack shower pan is that the drain can be placed anywhere in the pan where in a shower base they are typically centered. Why this is important to note it because most people are standing in the center when taking a shower and standing on the drain is’t exactly comfortable.

Customizing your shower pan now becomes easy. Things such as linear drains, curbless showers and most of all, tiles. A custom formed shower pan allows you to really express your style by accepting any type of tile you would like to use. Shower bases do not have this option.
Custom Shower Pan Installation in Fort Collins 80525
Custom Shower Pan Installation in Fort Collins 80525
In your quest for the perfect remodeling project, no better decision can be made than choosing a contractor that can deliver a custom shower pan for you. At Fort Collins Home Improvement, we can do just that. We can form a Dry Pack Shower pan in any size or shape and can incorporate any type of drain. We can also make the pan curb-less so that the bathroom floor can transition smoothly into the shower floor without seam. Our Dry Packed shower pans are guaranteed for the life of your shower to not leak or crack.

Shower Wall Niche

OK, I want to go ahead and get this out of the way… we are not french so there is no need to pronounce this as “neesh”. Don’t get me wrong, I was once guilty of this. But it never seemed to come out natural. I always had to force it.  It is somewhat pretentious. It’s like calling the foyer a foryay. “Nitch”  comes across just fine. So now that we have that out of the way, what is a shower wall niche? It is a  cubby in the wall where you can place shampoo and soap or simply a design feature. For the custom look you seek, this is a stunning feature. When done properly, there is nothing that customizes a shower more than a wall niche.
Herringbone Tile Shower Wall Niche Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling
Herringbone Tile Mosaic in a Shower Wall Niche
Again, there are 2 main types of wall niches, the pre-made ones and a custom one. Many times, people tend to think the pre-made ones are easier to install and less likely to leak. This is not the case. Either a custom or pre-made niche is subject to leak if not installed properly. And pre-made are much harder to install, especially when you try to fit the tiles around and in it. At Fort Collins Home Improvement, when we install wall niches, they are all custom made to work with your selected tiles. This allows us to incorporate the niche in harmony with the tiles grout lines so that it seems like a seamless integration.  We do not like to cut corners out of the tile and chop it all up. Our goal is to make it look as if the tile sinks into the wall and re-emerges on the other side. This makes for a much more custom look. But the cost is too much…you may say. Surprisingly, it is much more affordable than you may assume.  And the desirability and convenience far outweigh the cost.
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Two Shower Wall Niches With Accent Tiles In Fort Collins Walk-in Shower Remodeling Project
At Fort Collins Home Improvement, we can design and install any size niche or multiple niches. We can also incorporate accent tiles in to the niche to give it that real custom look that shows your design sense.

A Fabulous Shower Bench

Subway tile and wood look tile with quartz bench in shower
Subway tile and wood look tile with quartz bench in shower
Shower benches can not only be functional but can also are a stunning feature for your shower. But I hear you, shower benches leak. I cant tell you how many estimates I have been to where customers are forced to do a premature remodel due to the fact that their shower bench has slowly leaked for years, possibly since it was built. You wouldn’t believe some of the shoddy building practices by high-end builders that I have encountered when removing leaky shower benches from customers homes. Such as OSB covered in plastic and wrapped with green drywall. It is no wonder these leak and also no wonder why people are so skeptical of them. But let me assure you, it really isn’t hard to avoid leaks for a lifetime with some common sense practices when building the bench.
Quartz Shower Bench in Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling Project
Quartz Shower Bench in Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling Project
First off, at Fort Collins Home Improvement, we build the bench over the shower pan. In other words, first we form the Dry Pack Shower Pan over the entire space that the shower will consume. Then we build the bench over top of the pan. The bench is slightly elevated off of the pan to allow any water that does make its way under or behind the bench to escape quickly to the drain. We then top the bench frame with a piece of Quartz of which we have many colors and styles of remnants available.
Extended Bench in Fort Collins Bathroom Design
Extended Bench in Fort Collins Bathroom Design
At Fort Collins Home Improvement, we can design and install a custom bench to fit your space and last a lifetime while providing you a comfortable showering experience, peace of mind and a splash of pizaz you are sure to be proud of when showing it off to your friends and family.

Multiple Showering Heads

3 way body spray heads in an elegant bathroom remodel in Fort Collins Colorado
3 way body spray heads in an elegant bathroom remodel in Fort Collins Colorado
So you have seen the body sprays and Rainfall Shower Heads and thought to yourself ” I wish I could afford that” …well you can. For the ultimate showering experience, body sprays and Rainfall heads are the way to go. Imagine yourself being blasted from every angle like a Maserati in an auto spa. No more steaming water on just your shoulders while the rest of your body feels cold an neglected.  The Rainfall  gently cascades on your head while the adjustable shower head relaxes your back and the body sprays gently caress the rest of your body with steamy wonderfulness. Each of these can be independently controlled. So you can have a single head operating or all heads at the same time.
 Not only does this add functionality to your shower, but also gives it that spa quality look.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Fort Collins Colorado
Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Fort Collins Colorado
Frameless Glass Shower Doors have been all the rage for the past few decades and due to their ergonomic qualities, they will continue to rage for the foreseeable future. Easy to clean and maintain and with such a crisp appearance, frameless glass doors add the ‘ahhh’  effect to any shower space. Frameless Glass shower doors can come in both a sliding door configuration and in a swinging door configuration which can be swung into the shower or out of the shower. Frameless glass is thick and massive too. This is sure to bring a custom high end look to your shower.

Free Standing Bath Tub

Frameless Glass and Free Standing Bath Tub in Fort Collins Bathroom Renovation 80525
Double Slipper Free Standing BAth Tub In Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel 80525
Double Slipper Free Standing Bath Tub In Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel 80525
Free Standing Bathtubs are definetly trending. But they are not new to the scene. Free Standing Tubs have been around since the roman empire and probably long before. Sometimes they are even still referred to as “Roman Tubs” They come in many different designs such as Slipper, Double Slipper  and Vessel. They also are available in several different materials such as Acrylic, Stone and Hammered Copper. These style of Bathtub add a touch of elegance that no other design feature can.  They are also incredibly desirable which is a particularly important consideration to make if you are considering selling your home in the near future.

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