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Adding a Shower Wall Niche can add functionality and style to your shower remodeling project. There are many different ways to add style and usability using shower wall niches. A shower wall niche can be custom made from your favorite wall tiles or can be purchased pre-made from various composites such as Corian™ . You can use shower wall niches to place items such as soap or shampoo on or use them to place decorations.

Shower Wall Niche Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

A Modern Look

Gradient wall tile with mosaic tile used for shower wall niche

Gradient wall tile with mosaic tile used for shower wall niche

This modern look was achieved using rectangle gradient wall tile installed vertically on the shower walls and a rectangular shaped mosaic tile installed vertically in the wall niche. Bull nose border was used on the horizontal edges of the niche but not on the vertical edges. The wall niche was planned to be exactly between the width of the tiles so the wall tiles width need not be cut. This allowed for a clean grout line along the factory edge of the vertical corners of the niche.

Bringing Nature Into Your Shower

Stamped ceramic wall tile with pebbles for shower wall niche

Stamped ceramic wall tile with pebbles for shower wall niche

Using a stamped porcelain tile that is reminiscent of wood grain, and medium size river pebbles as a accent and for the wall niche brings a feel of natural surrounding to this bathroom remodeling project. A bullnose border tile was used to frame this wall niche and pebbles were used to finish out the back wall of the niche.

Contrasting Colors Can Make Your Niche Stand Out

contrasting colors in shower wall niche

Using contrasting colors can make your accents really stand out

Starkly contrasting colors between the shower wall tile and the niche mosaic tile really make this shower wall niche jump out. This look was created using a standard ceramic wall tile and glass mosaic tile for the niche and border.

Using Stone Border Tile To Frame Your Niche

Shower Niche with Stone Border Tile

Stone Border Tile Frames a Shower Niche Nicely

There is no need for an expensive bullnose tile when you use a stone border to finish the return edges of your shower wall niche. A standard ceramic wall tile used with a stone border makes a very presentable wall niche that can tie into other elements of your shower remodel.

Aluminum Trim Makes A Finished Look

Wall Shower Niche with Aluminum Trim

Double Shower Wall Niche Using Aluminum Schluter as Corner Edging

Another approach to the modern look is using porcelain wall tile along with a mosaic tile and Schluter aluminum trim to create two separate niches. One niche can be used for shampoos and larger bottles while the other can be used for soaps and toiletries.

A Whimsical Look

Shower Wall Niche with Whimsical Mosaic Tile

A whimsical mosaic tile adds character to your shower wall niche

Using a whimsical mosaic tile in your shower wall niche can add character.