Custom Shower Pan Installation

We offer high quality custom shower pan installation in Fort Collins Colorado.

What is a Custom Shower Pan?

A custom shower pan is the floor under your shower tile. This floor can be made of dry pack cement mix or from a Styrofoam like material. It is a waterproofing barrier that the tile rest on to ensure that the water that collects in the bottom of your shower does not make it to the sub-floor and cause damage to the structural framing of your home.

A custom shower pan also creates the proper slope in your shower floor so that the water is directed towards the drain

How is a Custom Shower Pan Made?

There are two most common ways a custom shower pan is made

PVC Lined Dry Pack Sand Mix Shower Pans

This is the most commonly used method of forming a shower pan for your shower pan installation. This method has been around for a very long time and has stod the test of time.

A PVC lined dry-pack shower pan is formed by first making a dam at the entrance of the shower with wood. This is often called the threshold of the shower. Once the dam is in place, a layer of sand mix is layed out creating a “pre-slope” from the shower walls to the drain. This slope is a gradual decline of about 1/4″ from the walls to the drain. After that has been accomplished, a thick PVC liner is placed on top of the pre-slope. This PVC liner is what stops water from getting to the framing below. It is set on the pre-slope so that any water that makes it below the tile and rest on top of the liner can slowly make it’s way toward the drain and through the weep holes in the drain.

After the liner is in place, a dry-pack sand mix is installed over the liner forming your finished custom shower pan. A “dry-pack” means that the sand mix cement is mixed to the consistency of a snowball so that it can be formed into place and not sag while drying. This is very important to maintain the consistent slope of the custom shower pan for proper drainage of water on your finished shower tile floor

Schluter Kerdi Shower Pans

Another very common way to make a custom shower pan is using the Kerdi Shower Kit. This system involves setting a pre-sloped styrofoam base around the drain and cementing a membrane over top of it forming the shower pan.

There is strong debate on which is the best option for making and installing custom shower pans. At Fort Collins Home Improvement, when we do bathroom remodels we swear by the dry-pack method. It has served us well over many years and it can be fully customized for any size shower.

Fort Collins Custom Shower Pan Contractor

We are a licensed and insured contractor that can replace or install your custom shower pan. If you have any questions or would like a quote on what it would cost, please Contact Us.